Welcome to the Timber House Concerts! 

To say that my wife Allison and I love music might be a bit of an understatement. From before we even met, through all the years we’ve been traveling this crazy life together, it’s been a significant part of who we are. Whether making our way out to see various artists at festivals or solo shows, or getting out to play a little music myself, it’s a shared love that’s only getting stronger. Music brings us happiness and brings people together.


We were building our home around the same time that we went to the Levon Helm Ramble to see the first of a few concerts. It was those shows that inspired us to create our own version of the Ramble—that beautiful energy and appreciation for live music—in our home. In 2006 we finished the house, with space specifically designed to hold live shows. Since then, we have been blessed to share our home with some amazing musicians and countless other music lovers.


We’re on a hillside surrounded by gorgeous hardwoods and farm-fields outside Victor, N.Y. about 20 minutes from Rochester. It’s an amazing place to experience live music. We’d love to see you at our
next Timber House Concert!


All the best—
Trevor & Allison Whiting